I've been living in Jersey City and LOVE it but my lease ended and it's starting to look like I won't be able to afford to continue to live in JC (which breaks my heart).  I don't want to live in Hoboken (and it's more expensive than JC anyway) so I'm looking into other alternatives.  Unfortunately I don't know a lot about other towns in the area ... does anyone live in or have experience with towns like Edgewater/Secaucus/Weehawken/Rutherford/etc?  I need a town that has direct public transportation to NYC (midtown in 40 minutes or less), has a fun and safe town center (shopping/restaurants/bars) that you can walk to and good/safe places to go running (that I don't have to drive to).  Access to the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway would be a bonus.  Any places I should check out or absolutely stay away from?

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Check out Roselle Park.

Laura are looking to lease or buy because my mom a realtor and she can help figure it put with you. Her name is Gail Vinnal her number is 9735808335

I live in Cranford - it's a little longer of a commute (45-50 min and you transfer at Newark) but it has a really cute and fun downtown and there are a lot of safe and pretty places to run! I absolutely love it here. It's not Hoboken in terms of nightlife but there are a few good bars downtown. 

Thanks for the suggestions all!  Nicole - I'm looking to rent.  I already own a place (that I rent out) and am not ready to buy a second home just yet.

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