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i want to plan a skydiving trip in late Spring/early Summer.  it's a tandem skydive. it'll probably be a Saturday or Sunday.  it costs $215 or $205 if you pay in cash.  freefall video is available for an additional $80.00.

is anyone interested?  please let me know.



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bought a groupon for that pittstown location. If you are going we can schedule something.

Ruby said:

There's a Groupon currently available for a $114 tandem jump with Skydive NJ in Pittstown.


Anyone up for that location?

I just bought a few south jersey groupon tickets with a few friends. I don't know when we're going yet, but will post it when we figure it out...
Yea, I think I'll buy the Groupon too... 50% off is hard to pass up.
Anyone else?
Count me in! I've wanted to skydive for a while, so this would be perfect.
So now the question is when!

 Hi Shana


I am very interested to go. Do you have any dates in mind?


i have it on my calendar tentatively for June 11.



Marcia said:

 Hi Shana


I am very interested to go. Do you have any dates in mind?


Hey Shana,

I went Skydiving at this place in Williamstown, NJ. I wasn't sure if you picked a place yet but I would def recommend this place because I felt they were really good at their stuff. I had a blast.

Cross Keys
300 Dahlia Ave
Williamstown, NJ 08094 USA
Phone: 856-629-7553

Have fun!!

Hi Shana,


I've always wanted to go skydiving, and June would be perfect. I would love to go with you. Can you let me know how to sign up and the official date? Thanks!


Can anyone who bought the Groupon for the Pittstown location, shoot a message to my inbox so we can try to coordinate a group outing?



damn i wish i saw that groupon.. would love to go if you guys set up a date.

Hi Shana,


I'm not sure how you got those prices, but if you buy the tix all online on their website, you can get it for 165. Btw I've jumped twice there, both times I've had an amazing experience. Enjoy!



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