So a lot of us are not from New Jersey (myself included) and as fun as NY is, I actually do like learning about the place where I live. So, what are the definite things in NJ that a non-resident should see before they move?

To make things interesting, anyone interested in seeing all the things on this list with me? Duh Duh Duhhhhh

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Hey Lissa,

Hanging out with my native NJ friends helped me to find things to do.  One of my first outtings was AC, before it was built up to what it is now (not a good start, to say the least).  Over the course of some years, I've found the New Brunswick area a nice hang out spot (definitely a college town).  That's what I can come up with at the moment.  I'll post back with others later.

Tiki Lounge at Point Plesant Beach

Really, no more proud NJers here? Wow, this is NJYP, right?

Hmm.. that's a great question.. I always hear that Cape May is great and a fun place to be.. and obviously the Jersey Shore for it's notoriety, specifically Seaside Heights during the Summer months or before a hurricane! Morristown is a nice historical town with a decent nightlife, so day time and night time fun, Princeton is also great for a nice Ivy League college town and finally, Hoboken is great to be. But Hoboken is great to be for the nightlife, and day time lounging just looking at the city! There are definitely sooooo many other places to go and visit in New Jersey but most will usually be in NYC and come back to relax in New Jersey!

Thanks Rick. I would like to see more of Morristown; from the events I've been to over there it looked quaint. And Cape May is on my list as well. I have to figure a cheaper way to get to Hoboken. By myself, parking alone is not worth the hike. Everyone says to take the PATH, but you still have to park your car somewhere, right?

If you're looking for a fun, artsy, eclectic place to grab drinks and people watch you can't do much better than the Asbury Park boardwalk. During the summer they also have a free bonfire on the beach every Friday night that is a lot of fun.

Asbury Park has a great little shop where you can make a blown glass sculpture for between $20-40 and they help you do it.  Really a neat process to watch.

There's an excellent haunted house in October in Clinton, NJ - Red Mill Museum.

There's also a really fun corn maze in the fall somewhere close to Morristown...I think it's around Chester???

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