A few years back, somebody here ran some board game nights.  Unfortunately, I wasn't much into playing board games at the time.  But I have since built up an interest in it and was wondering if anybody here would be interested if we were to attempt to set some up again.

It'll be fun.  I own some games like Ghost Stories, Tsuro of the Seas, Sumoner Wars, Smash-Up.

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IDK when NJYP will be holding Game Nights again but I would be interested as well

I noticed those and Single and Mingle events have all but disappeared in the past roughly 12 months.

I am up for a game night... I am a fan of Cranium, and Taboo myself. But I would be open to play any game.

I would be interested in game nights.  I love scattergories but would definitley be open to other games I haven't played before as well.

Put me in. I'd be down
I'd be down. :) I also like games like cranium, taboo, and scattegories!

I'd be interested too.  What area of NJ are you all from?  Perhaps we can organize something convenient for everyone.

I went to a board game night a few years back, I love having game nights and I've wanted some again too.  I'm from Union County and John, I also agree about the single mingle events especially for those of us in their early 30 to mid 30's.

I am from Mercer County. Hope to attend a game night in the near future. =)

I live in Bergen County.  Would a weekend game night work for everyone or no? Let's plan a date and time :)...maybe sometime in April?


I'd like to attend some single and mingle events as well.  I see they have one coming up in April in New Brunswick but I'm not able to attend that particular one. 

I just saw this post, I haven't played a board game in about 10 years.  Put me down for attending.

I went to one about a year ago.  I would go again. Work in Middlesex, live in Monmouth county and very familiar with Union County.  

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