I was wondering if anyone would be interested in setting up a camping weekend now that the weather is getting nicer.  I have been camping many times and love it!  Maybe we could toss a hike into the mix as well?  Let me know your thoughts.

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I am in and will help you find a place that has great camping and hiking:) Maybe we could go in May:)
I am definitely interested! I was just talking to Kristin about this. I think May would be great, when it starts not getting warmer at night and the potential for rain is lower (okay, so I'm a bit of a sissy!)

I'm a newb at this stuff, though- no tent or anything. Can anyone recommend a good, affordable tent that sleeps 2? I'm thinking about getting one for my b-day!
Sounds like fun! I am in!
I've done some pretty hard core camping in the past, (bathe in the stream dig a hole kinda campin). This would be fun!
Campfire, smores and mountain biking:-) I am interested! I haven't been camping in years but when i was in college we used to bring our bikes and go camping in PA quite as I went to school in south jersey. I bought a jeep with visions of camping and mountain biking but that has yet to happen and I have had my jeep for 6 years now!

I am new to NJYP so I haven't really met anyone yet but hopefully I will be making it to an event soon.
I have a two-man tent (possibly two of them actually) and a bunch of cooking gear. 13 years of Girl Scouts pays off lol. Since May seems to be the most popular time, how does everyone feel about either the weekend of the 8th or the 15th? I'm also open to going earlier if anyone wants to go in April.

Let's get some votes on dates and then we can pick a place :). I know April / May seem far off, but it's best to plan ahead.
camping is awesome. I've got all the gear. I'd be interested.
May 15th works well for me. I am not sure what if any gear I have but I'm gonna check this weekend. I was at Costco this past weekend looking at the camping gear they had. I think this will be the perfect excuse to invest in something new:)
I'm interested. I haven't done much camping since my Boy Scout days. I've got my old backpack and sleeping bag taking up space in my apartment, so I might as well us them! I'd need to pick up, borrow, or share a tent with someone.

So far, both weekends look clear for me.

- Kevin
Either weekend in May works for me. I have no gear! Can we rent it?
I bet between all of us we can come up with enough camping gear so that you won't have to rent anything. I think I am going to buy a new tent. Maybe if this trip turns out well, we'll be planning another before the summer is over.

Camping in the fall is also really great. I'm excited, I need a weekend nature escape!

Sarah Middleton said:
Either weekend in May works for me. I have no gear! Can we rent it?
Anyone interested in buying a tent, I know I saw some at Campmor in Paramus for $40ish and up. Also, I believe REI will rent tents and some other outdoor stores might do so as well.

I know there are quite a few places in Bergen County to camp, but I'm not sure where everyone is from. If we need a large group site (state parks start large groups at 7, county parks seem to vary) we will want to reserve it relatively early from what I have heard.

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