I have a brother who is a an Eagle Scout and is the ScoutMaster of a troop. And my father who was the old ScoutMaster. So my point, they never got me involved in any of the boyscout activities and even camping. I wish they did!!

So here I am making a Huge difference in my life... and I believe that this club will have some takers that would love to go camping with me. I have to admit, I do need an expert to go camping with... I want to ruff the entire trip. Example- hanging food up in the tree- away from the bears. Cooking and campfires outdoors, etc... Just tell me what I need to buy- who knows where the boyscout troop stores there things. LOL.

Anyone up for ideas and wants to go camping- I am ALL f or it!!!!!! Please let me know where and when we can go. Winter is also a great time.

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Hi Scott

The 19th- 20th is perfect with me to go camping... I just have to get back in time Saturday night for NJYP Game Night.

Scott Patterson said:

Kristen K. just started another topic about camping. I'm hoping to put something together on the 19th of September or the 3rd of October. If you're interested, post on that topic...


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