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Anyone live in/near Cedar Grove?  I'm moving there on July 1.


Look forward to meeting you!


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I'm in class on Monday and Thursday nights. I also play softball starting in July but keep me posted on what you guys decide and I'll see if I can make it!


i can't do Tues or Thurs.  The next week?
I'm free any night 7/18-7/21, just let me know what works best for you!
Just can't do Wednesday that week.
Monday July 11 or Monday July 18.  Does that work for most of the group???  Jeez - we are all so busy! haha!
Either Monday is good for me, the 11th would probably be better. Also, as for timing, I usually don't get back to the area until 7 or so but if I know ahead of time I can plan to be back early depending on what works for everyone else.
I could do Monday the 11th, and I'm a maybe on the 18th.  I love Osaka, but we'll have to see how big the group gets, as their place is pretty small.  A bonus though is that we can run down the street to the Fine Grind for cupcakes and coffees for dessert!

I can't do the 11th unless it rains (softball!) or I'd have to join the group at 7:30/8ish. I'm in for the 18th. I love the Fine Grind too!

I can do any nights but Tuesdays and Wednesdays--due to work.
So Does July 18 work?  Osaka and Fine Grind it is.  Looking forward to it!
That sounds perfect! Count me in.  =)  Any thoughts on the time?
I live in Fairfield, right by Cedar Grove. I'm in for sushi dinner too whenever you guys plan to do it!

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