Hey all ... my birthday falls on December 28th, right smack dab in the middle between Christmas & NYE. I am trying to plan a night out on December 26th & 27th (and possibly the 28th) but am unsure where to go.

I am looking for something low-key and local to Nutley, somewhere that plays good music that I can dance to but not go deaf after being there for a few hours.

Does anyone have any suggestions? And feel free to pass by too once I decide if you have nothing to do and wanna say hi :)

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Shannon Rose in Clifton has bands every Saturday night. The band plays in the back area, so if it gets too loud or you want to be able to talk to people and actually hear them you can wander to one of the other bars. It's pretty big.
Thanks Karyn.

The last time I went to the Shannon Rose for my birthday (like 2 years ago), they were rushing us out and were quite rude to us. :/ So I don't know about that place. But thank you both for the suggestions.
I havent been to the one in clifton but the one in woodbrige is excellent.
How about Just Jakes in Montclair or the Rock Cellar in West Orange? Rock Cellar sometimes feels like someone else's high school reunion, but Jakes usually has some cover bands, and it's got seating in the back if you need to escape the music and dancing for a while.

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