Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a group of people to try new restaurants with in Bergen and/or Passaic Counties.  I'd love to be able to do this at least once a month if possible.   Let me know if you're interested:)

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Ill be in CA. Next one for sure :)
I live in morris but would like to join any dates if I can! I actually live closer to the Thatchers in Denville... love that place!

Have a great time Lara!:)  Have you been there before? I'm going to Georgia next week...never been but so excited!   See you at the next one....wherever we decide that is!:)  Sounds great Janelle! 

Hey everyone! There are several people interested in Thatcher's for next Saturday, July 27 so far :) Would anyone else be interested? I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

I'm definitely interested when you all get together again! Unfortunately the 27th doesn't work for me but would love to come out for the next one!

Ok so it looks so far like its Robert, Janelle and her fiancé, and myself for next Saturday.  Who else would like to join?

Hey everyone,


A few people have said they are interested in going to Thatchers this Saturday night.  Who is definitely able to come?

Hey everyone,

I would have loved to go to Thatcher's tomorrow night but there are several people that can't make tomorrow's date.  Additionally, for those of you who said back in the beginning of July that you were available-- I haven't heard a confirmation from you that you're definitely going. Unless I get a few last minute yes's, I'm cancelling this event.  I wish this would have worked out but this has been a challenge to plan.  I know it's summertime and people are busy/traveling, etc, but I'm hoping my next attempt will work--3rd time's the charm. I hope everyone is having a great summer so far!

Hey Everyone,


I thought I'd try to organize another dinner night... so who's is definitely available next Saturday, August 17? Several people seemed interested in going to Thatcher's last time at 7pm, so does that place still work for everyone? If not, we can do something else but please let me know. 

Hi Katie,

Has there been interest in this from other members?  This is something I'd wanna do to!

I'm in Lyndhurst and I enjoy trying new places in Montclair and pretty much anywhere. Keep me posted. That Peruvian Restaurant is really good. That was my last Montclair venue.

Hi David and Jorge.  I tried to organize an event several times but it's been a challenge for several reasons. If enough people are interested we can definitely get together and go out!   

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