This meetup is for entrepreneurs or people interested in becoming an entrepreneur.  I would like to meet in the Princeton area if that works.  You can come alone or bring like minded people.  The venue is negotiable, for the initial meetup/networking we could meet at a bar/lounge or a cafe.  Reply or email me if you are interested.  First meetup will be next week, June 13-18 sometime...

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I hope the meetup is still on for tonight. I didn't get any email saying that it's cancelled.  I would hate to show up and no one is there. 
hey, I didn't cancel the event I was hoping more people would have signed up last minute or just show up.  I didn't want to cancel, like I said I would, because I didn't want someone to show up because they didn't check their email in time.

Hi Guys, 

I"m afraid I won't be able to attend the meet up tonight due to work but will do my best to attend the July 14th one. 

Best regards, 


Hi everyone, did you guys meet up? Or not yet?
We did. It was just Justin and myself though.  Hopefully, there will be more people at the next one.

Unfortunately, I was one of the people who flaked out for this meetup... I will try to make the next one for sure as I am an entrepreneur also.  I look forward to seeing details.



I'm in the process of starting a networking group in Princeton that will meet once a week.  I just noticed this post now otherwise I would have loved to attend.  If anybody would have an interest in meeting the members of our group or even try to organize another event like this, please keep me posted.
Awww, :)

Josephine said:
We did. It was just Justin and myself though.  Hopefully, there will be more people at the next one.
I'm interested in meeting up with this organization. I don't think I can cine on July 14. Is there another date in the works?

Were not going to meet on July 14th due to lack of interest.  Would more people be interested in meeting on the weekend instead of the week??
Maybe offer both a weekday and weekend?

Definitely curious and eager to meet other positive minded, go-getters... sad that I missed the event posted above! Let me know if you have a mailing list or something keep me informed



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