Hey!  I just moved back into Monmouth County and work in Somerset in the Mental Health field.  I am really looking to expand my cirle of friends and meet new people in my field! If anyone is interested in getting together sometime (not necessarily in Monmouth County) please feel free to message me!  =) Thanks!

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Hi Ladies,


Here is a list of places that I am familiar with and they are all in different areas.  Char Steakhouse has a beautiful patio, but it is a little far from me.  However, if you gals wanted to go there I would deffinately attend.  My first choice would be Urban Table because it is really close to where I live....I think you would all fall in love with downtown Morristown.  Let me know your thoughts and I am still open to suggestions on other places....I just thought I would throw a few options out there!


1)      3 West

665 Martinsville Road, Basking Ridge NJ


2)      Char Steakhouse

777 US 202, North Raritan, NJ


3)      Willie McBride’s Irish Pub

1270 Easton Turnpike, Branchburg NJ


4)      Urban Table

40 West Park Place, Morristown NJ

I would be interested in getting together with a group of girls also. I do not work in the Mental Health field, but I would definitely like to expand my social circle. I live in Middlesex County, and I actually work in Somerset as well, Danielle. Looking forward to hopefully meeting some of you soon!

What about Raffertys in New Brunswick? That might be a good middle ground for us. Thoughts? :)

Rafferty's would work for me Tiffany!

Raffertys is too far for me since I would be coming from home and not work.  It would be a 45 minute drive. 

Tiffany said:

What about Raffertys in New Brunswick? That might be a good middle ground for us. Thoughts? :)
Raffertys works for me also but I don't mind picking another place.

Michelle, where in Somerset do you work!

I work at a school on School House Road, off of Davidson Avenue. What about you?

Are people still planning on getting together next Friday, August 24th?

hi gals how are you all?

hope everyones weekend was alrite.  IF you gals dont mind i would love to join you too . i am also here to meet new people and expand my circle of friends. I studied psychology and its a very interesting subject and i wish i could have studied ffurther in that but decided to do biology. i work for Roche molecular company in Branchburg. let me know when you gals meet up and will love to join you all : )

Michelle I am on davenport in town. Is that close to you? I am still completely up for getting together if anyone still wants!! Khyati yes of course you can join! The more the merrier!!

Danielle - I'm not sure where that road is, I'm not really familiar with the town, other than the area right around where I work. I am still up for getting together on Friday night if people are interested! :-)

Ladies, I would love to get together Friday and am more than willing to plan it. Please tell me, either message me or tell me here where you are each coming from and how far you are all willing to drive and I will coordinate! Really looking forward to meeting everyone Friday!!

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