I have a bunch of restaurants, some favs and others just dying to try.  Anyone up for trying some new food? If so, suggest some Friday & Saturday dates in June - July that work for you. Here's my prelimn. picks. PS luv suggestions!!!!


Bank 34 (Thai Fusion) -- Somerville

Makeda (Ethopian) - New Brunswick

Pamir (Afghan) -- Morristown


Motto: will travel for great food.

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How about we take a vote...shall we do Makeda's on Friday, June 11th @ 7:30 p.m. or Saturday, June 12th @ 7:30 p.m.? I'll start compiling a list. Once we get to a party of 4, I'll make a reservation and will expand it to if necessary.
unfortunately due to a family wedding that weekend, I'm out for both Friday and Saturday. :(
I'd be up for trying any of those places but I have plans on those early June dates, I'll just follow this forum for now.
June 12th works for me- if it doesn't work for others, the 26th is also good.
the free parking tends to be in banks, municipal lots, and different places on campus- I guess you really have to know the area though to find them. ;-)
June 12th would be fine for me.
Soo...it seems we don't have enough peeps for June 12. Does July 9th or 10th work?
July 10th sounds good right now- I tend to prefer Saturdays to Fridays.
July 10th would be fine for me as well. I also would prefer a Saturday over a Friday.
July 10th I can do! I'd be more interested in Ethiopian or Afghan, been so long since I've had either. But I'll certainly try anything.
So the verdict is in. Mark your calendar for July 10th. I'll make the reservation later this week! Can't wait to meet you! PS-come with other restaurant suggestions.
I just saw this post. I would love to try new foods! The 10th appear to work for me too. Was a place chosen?
Sounds Excellent!

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