Fund raising campaign advice? Running the NYC Marathon to fight cancer

Hi everyone!


I'm somewhat new to NJYP, and so far, everyone I have met here is very cool and helpful!  I am starting this discussion because I need a little advice on how to launch a successful fund raising campaign.


About my cause:

On November 7th, I will be running in the 2010 ING NYC marathon to benefit a charity called Fred's Team.


Fred's Team's proceeds go to fund cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Three very close people in my life have had cancer and inspired me to me take up this cause.

Here is a link for more detailed information about my campaign: Click here



I'd like to reach as many people to make the biggest impact possible.  Does anyone have any advice and/or suggestions on how to do this?


Thanks in advance for your help!





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Hi Steve,
I ran a marathon last October with the LLS team in training charity group and raised about $5,’s an awesome way to experience a marathon while doing something really great! Some of the fundraising events I did were, jeans day at my office, this brought in a lot, over 2K! I also did a sneaker campaign, with local stores in my town, got a few hundred. We also did group fundraisers at restaurants, a portion of everyone’s bill that brings in the flyer is donated to your campaign, some folks did canning at Giants stadium during the tailgate, never underestimate the giving heart of a drunk football fan some people got $600 - 700! I also had a garage sale, great way to get rid of old stuff and raise some cash. Also, set up a facebook page just for your campaign and send the link to everyone you know with details / pictures. Make it as personal as you can b/c this will really have an impact on people who may have been through the same situation. I am thinking of doing another event in the fall so we can compare fundraising notes!
Good luck and let me know how your fundraising and training goes!!

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