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Hey ladies...So so so sorry....I should probably double check my calendar before I throw out a date.  I have a friend's birthday party that night.  I'd like to reschedule to next Friday, February 4th.  Who can make it?  Again so sorry.  This gives us a little more time to plan :-)


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Tina! Where have you been? I wish I could but I'm meeting a friend who I haven't seen in a very long time in The City. We def should meet up soon though.
Dar!!!! I've been here....we haven't chatted in forever.....ok well lets def get a drink soon!! :-)

Hi Tina,

Girls night out sounds interesting.  I can join you on Jan.28th, it depends on location.




I would be game as well, depending on the location - maybe a place with a live band would be cool!

That would be fun? Know of any good places?

Sounds good Tina! My schedule is a bit crazy for the next couple of weeks but we can figure something out.

It's funny you girls are talking about bands because I was checking that week out about a month ago and all of the ones I like to go see (cover bands) are far away. =( 

Sounds fun!  I have to go to this thing for work but it shouldn't be too late.  Let me know where your planning to meet and hopefully look forward to meeting you all!  I live in Morristown so if its around the area I can most likely make it! If not, have fun!
I have a sort of busy schedule this next two weeks, but I'll keep following the thread.  I love girls nights :)
I know - all of the cover bands that I used to go see are more in the central NJ area which is a bummer, they almost never come up this way. I live not far from Morristown - if it's not too far, do you want to try and meet up in Morristown and maybe next time we can do something closer to the Central NJ area? Or I was thinking we could go to the Green Knoll in Bridgewater - not sure how the crowd is there but I used to like that place.
Sounds like fun... I'd be interested!
Sure we could do morristown but you north jersey girls will have to decide on the place. Green knoll is fine also!
Morristown is great - the only trouble is that sometimes certain places are too young for me (gosh I sound old lol!). Anyone have suggestions? George and Martha's, Sona 13 or Famished Frog (I like the Frog - a bit more space, Sona is great, but it gets very crowded after a while (they do have a DJ and dancing there). I have only been to George and Marthas once, so I don't know that place well enough!

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