Getting a bunch of folks together for Laser Tag at the Bridgewater Sports Arena, 2-5pm, Sunday, December 19th.  $6 per game.  Let me know if you want to come!  The more the merrier!



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That could be fun...keep me posted!

Would love to get some people together to play but can't make it that day:(


Maybe we could get a group together after the new year sometime?

Oooh I didn't realize that's the same day as game night. I'd love to play, though...maybe another date like the others mentioned?

This was planned before game night, but if it goes well, I'll be planning another one in January or February.  I'll keep you all posted.  For anyone who would like to join, even for a little while (there's some other folks coming who are going to game night as well) feel free to join us.  We already have at least ten people confirmed. :.)

Oh, that does sound like fun!  I am not sure I can make it this weekend, but I would be interested in the future. 

That sounds awesome, Id be up for it!

Sounds like fun! I can't make it on Sunday, but I would def do it in the future.

Ok, for all those who are interested, here's the final info.  We'll be at Bridgewater Sports Arena at 2pm to start our games!  Due to kiddie b-day parties, we'll only be able to play til 3:30 or so... See ya then!  And if things go well, watch for another date in Jan or Feb!

can't make sunday. but def interested. have been trying to get a larger group together for years.(paintball too) keep me posted

Planning on being there, with a guest.  See you there.

Next Laser tag date is Sunday, January 30th from 2-4pm, Bridgewater Sports Arena!
My Beer Tour and Tasting will prob be then too :(

Jennifer Redmond said:
Next Laser tag date is Sunday, January 30th from 2-4pm, Bridgewater Sports Arena!

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