Hi All! Im Kristen, I have been living in Bergen county for 4 yesrs now; all of my friends are engaged or married so I am the last single lady, and I want to enjoy going out and meeting new people! Anyone else in the same boat on here? Its hard when friends scatter/become occupied with their next phase when you are not there yet :)

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I hear ya Kristen! All my friends are wifed up and I have nobody to hang out with! Haha

Hi Kristen, I live in the Morristown area. I have a really nice group of friends here, but they're all in relationships too. I'm always looking for someone to hang with! The more the merrier. Have you been out in the Morristown area before? Montclair area?


I love Morristown! So yes, but never have anyone to go out with in the city! 

We have a party in Morristown tonight there will be over 70 people you should all come! www.NJYP.org/events

I’m down for a single’s meet up!

There's a single mingle in Morristown September 28th! 

Just out of curiosity, what’s the vibe like at those?

The vibe is singly and mingly.

Hi!  I'm interested in meeting new single friends.  I'm in Middlesex County though.  I've heard Morristown is a lot of fun but never been because it's so far from me.  

Hi Kristen! I hear ya! I am single and love to go out too! 

Hey Kristen, I feel the same! Are you attending tonight’s event in Morristown? Let me know, I just moved to the area, I’d join!

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