I'm at a point in my life that many of my friends are married, living with someone, have kids, etc and I'm single and lacking a consistent group to go out with.  Personally, I find it hard to do the NJYP events because most of them are during the week and quite frankly after a long day at work I'd rather stay in and relax, especially in this cold weather we have been having.  I'm wondering if anyone else is feeling the same way.  I'd like to find some new people I can get a drink with, check out a new bar, or have a singles night out.  I'm 30 and live in Middlesex county.   

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Hi Melanie, I would love to  make plans to go out sometime.  

Hi, i definitely can relate, most of my friends are married , have kids as well. I'm sure we can get a fun group together.

I am in Middlesex also and would love to meet up with you guys. Keep me posted.

Hi Melanie,

I'm in the same situation you're in.  I live in Bergen county which is about an hour or so from Middlesex but I'm flexible and can meet halfway or go there or something....I'd love to make plans to go out. 

I am definitely interested! I'm in Somerset County but not far from Middlesex county at all.

Hey! What is your email address so I can add you to the group?

Sorry for digging up this old discussion, but I can definitely relate to feeling tired after work.  Even though I only work until 2:30 or 3pm, I usually go to the gym straight from work and feel pretty tired after that!

I'm only 24 (will be 25 next month) so most of my friends aren't married, and I have no interest in dating at this point in my life, but would nevertheless like to meet some members of the group.  Perhaps a weekend outing would be feasible.

Oh my goodness, I hear ya sister! I definitely can't party on the weekdays like I used to anymore hahaa. I get off work at 3:30 and go straight to the gym afterwards and so most weeknights I just wanna relax at home.

I'm 37 so yeah, most of my friends are married and doing the family thing already, and the single friends I have who are my age don't really like to go out as much anymore either.

But yeah, I'd definitely be up for hanging out regularly on fridays/saturdays. Let me know!

I year ya and feel your pain.  My friends don't even have any single friends; neither do their friends have any single friends.  And things are tough for me too because of constant meetings/trainings during weeknights.  With permission from some of the organizers, I would enjoy setting up a singles event.  Other than that, guaranteed places to find single men are FD/Masonic/Church fundraisers and dances and events like softball tourneys or games in the summer.  And FD's have special parties called Wetdowns where there are countless single men.

Maybe you can help me and Anthony figure out where all the single women always hang out.

Anthony, I'm going to the Freedom Run on May 18 and you should come, too.

Ladies, it's a great opportunity to meet men who love to ride and are looking for that special someone to ride on the back of their scoot.  If a bit fearful, you can always meet afterwards at Overpeck Park for the after party.

I would be happy to meet up with many of you

Anyone interested in meeting up next Saturday May 17 for dinner/drinks somewhere in New Brunswick? 

Maybe for a drink or two.  Any places in mind?

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