I'm at a point in my life that many of my friends are married, living with someone, have kids, etc and I'm single and lacking a consistent group to go out with.  Personally, I find it hard to do the NJYP events because most of them are during the week and quite frankly after a long day at work I'd rather stay in and relax, especially in this cold weather we have been having.  I'm wondering if anyone else is feeling the same way.  I'd like to find some new people I can get a drink with, check out a new bar, or have a singles night out.  I'm 30 and live in Middlesex county.   

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Hi everyone. New to the site and wasn't sure if I should start a thread on this same exact topic or not. However, seeing as I'm in this same exact predicament I figured I'd just post here. I'm really looking forward to going to my first event, but if anyone wants to get together let me know. Send me an email. SHYip117@gmail.com

im kind of in the same position, though im only 24, I was in the military directly following high school, while many of my friends went to college and made new friends, or moved away and moved on and im just here like... uhhh hi? lol and I also work and go to school during the week, so weeknights for njyp events can be pretty impossible, so if you guys put together any nights out, please let me know, I would be happy to join

Hi everyone! I am in the same boat, I am always looking to meet new people. Maybe we can all meet for drinks/dinner sometime soon? Somewhere in the middle for us all. :)

I'm new to this group and am always up for meeting people. Count me in. I also agree with Katie location wise, perhaps something like Morristown, Somerville, Milburn, or New Brunswick? 

I think Somerville and New Brunswick would be the best bet for me, but I would like to meet up with everyone soon.  

There is a lot to do in Somerville, a lot of restaurants and bars. Would anyone like to meet up there?

Katie said:

There is a lot to do in Somerville, a lot of restaurants and bars. Would anyone like to meet up there?

I am definitely for meeting up there. Count me in! 

I am okay with meeting up with some people also. I know I have a few crazy weekends coming up, but if you all make a plan and I am free, I would meet up with everyone

Anyone going to the Christmas party?
I was thinking about it.

I can't make it, my birthday is the 12th so I have had plans for months. Wish I could. 

I was thinking about it

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