Hi all.... I work in Denville and I was hoping to see if anyone was interested in a lunch or walking buddy.... I don't have any set dates in mind, but if you work in the area and need some company.... I could use it as well... Especially now that it is getting nicer out.... I know Rattlesnake cafe has a nice outdoor patio, maybe someone may have some other ideas?  Hit me up!

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Todd, I know all about the paperwork messes upon a return! Just so you know, I made a reservation for 5 in case you are able to make it..... message me your cell if you can make it since I'm not on here that often....
It was great meeting everyone. Anyone up for hitting up a local bar soon?
Ditto. Tomorrow or Sat night could work for me.
I had a great time... it was so nice to meet everyone, although the hour felt a bit too quick.... I def would love to meet up for drinks... I am in Court tomorrow afternoon and don't know when I will be getting back; however, Saturday may be a possibility! Also, it is supposed to be gorgeous on Saturday... Let me know if you guys would like to maybe take a hike in one of the local hiking spots discussed!!! Hope to see you guys soon!
I'm down for a hike and also down for some local bar hopping...don't have anything planned for tomorrow (fri) or sat planned.
I hate working saturdays for just this reason. :) I can't come hiking this saturday although I'm dying for some exercise. Guess I know what I'll be doing for a little while today. Want to plan for tomorrow night. Meet at 8 or 9? Thoughts on location?
Hey guys! Let me know about tomorrow nite! Text me... I'm down for wherever.....and jay let me know if you want to go hiking....probably not too early (I like to sleep in on saturday's) but around one should be good....let me know!
I'll be starting my new job in a few weeks in Madison. I'm in!
hi Jennifer, I work in Denville as well on Morris Ave off Rt. 80. Keep me in the loop about meeting up. I'm just a hop, skip and jump away. Happy Monday!
Hi! I live in Montville and am currently working from home, so I'm always looking for ways to break-up my day. Let me know the next meet-up.

Oh my goodness! I  haven't even looked at my messages and comments on this board - in apparently over a year... If anyone is still interested and working in the area and wants to grab lunch, please let me know!  It is summer time so it would be great to get some sunshine and food outdoors!

Jennifer I would definitely be up for lunch some day. Let me know your thoughts.


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