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Hi all.... I work in Denville and I was hoping to see if anyone was interested in a lunch or walking buddy.... I don't have any set dates in mind, but if you work in the area and need some company.... I could use it as well... Especially now that it is getting nicer out.... I know Rattlesnake cafe has a nice outdoor patio, maybe someone may have some other ideas?  Hit me up!

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Hello all!  I have to look at my schedule for a couple of lunch days (hopefully within the next couple of weeks).  In the meantime, I talked to Joanne and she suggested SoGo (sushi restaurant/lounge on route 46 in denville) this Friday, July 8th (Jay - you want to go too right?). 

I am free anytime after 7:00 p.m.  Let me know if any of you are interested and I will make reservations if there are more than six of us.  Also, facebook is my preferred method of contact, so if you can message me your names on facebook or find me on facebook (jennifer korkin - picture of two coconuts with straws in the pic), that would be helpful for organizing events in the future (I am not a stalker - no worries, lol).

Hope to see everyone soon!


I work not too far from Denville in Parsippany, so I could definitely make some lunches.  Not sure about Friday yet, but I'll let you know ASAP!
Are you thinking about dinner at Sogo for Friday night  ?
I'm around today and tomorrow, lunch and dinner...I'm game for whatever.

Yes! Tomorrow.  Are you in?

Todd Edmundson said:

Are you thinking about dinner at Sogo for Friday night  ?

Hello all.... okay, so Jay you are in.... I believe Joanne is in (I texted her).  Who else?  Please confirm whether you can make it.  Also, i am flexible with any time after 7:00 p.m., so if anyone prefers a later dinner, I am game... Let me know and hope to see you all tomorrow.



I am in just let me know what time. I am flexible as well on time...


I'm in... 7:00 works for me.

Matt said:
I'm in... 7:00 works for me.
My cell is 973 652 5666 in case any one needs to reach me.... I'm calling to make reservations for 6....
Sorry I have to do this but EVERYONE cancelled.....I will be rescheduling lunch or dinner soon!!!

Matt said:
I'm in... 7:00 works for me.
sorry! But everyone cancelled! I will be posting shortly to reschedule!!!

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