Hi all.... I work in Denville and I was hoping to see if anyone was interested in a lunch or walking buddy.... I don't have any set dates in mind, but if you work in the area and need some company.... I could use it as well... Especially now that it is getting nicer out.... I know Rattlesnake cafe has a nice outdoor patio, maybe someone may have some other ideas?  Hit me up!

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Are you thinking about dinner at Sogo for Friday night  ?
I'm around today and tomorrow, lunch and dinner...I'm game for whatever.

Yes! Tomorrow.  Are you in?

Todd Edmundson said:

Are you thinking about dinner at Sogo for Friday night  ?

Hello all.... okay, so Jay you are in.... I believe Joanne is in (I texted her).  Who else?  Please confirm whether you can make it.  Also, i am flexible with any time after 7:00 p.m., so if anyone prefers a later dinner, I am game... Let me know and hope to see you all tomorrow.



I am in just let me know what time. I am flexible as well on time...


I'm in... 7:00 works for me.

Matt said:
I'm in... 7:00 works for me.
My cell is 973 652 5666 in case any one needs to reach me.... I'm calling to make reservations for 6....
Sorry I have to do this but EVERYONE cancelled.....I will be rescheduling lunch or dinner soon!!!

Matt said:
I'm in... 7:00 works for me.
sorry! But everyone cancelled! I will be posting shortly to reschedule!!!

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