This past summer I moved to the Monmouth County area, but really not too far from Middlesex County, just "over the border" bayside.  I was wondering if anyone was interested in meeting up somewhere along the Rt. 35/36 corridor, either after work hours or one day on the weekend?  Always keeping other meetups in other areas in mind, just hard to plan making those ones M-F sometimes when I can be sent anywhere for work during the week.  Have a good rest of the week everyone!

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I live in Middlesex county right next to Monmouth (in Old Bridge) so I would be down to meeting up sometime.

Sounds good.  I'll see how many other people reply that are in the same area and we can set something up from there when everyone's free. 

I recently moved to Asbury Park and am trying to expand my social circle so I'm always up for meeting up with folks in Monmouth County.

Sounds good Ben, Nina and Jen.  I'll see if I can put an idea together soon.  Park East in Hazlet is always a good spot with a very diverse venue.  They have things like trivia night, etc... I've never tried any of those special night events but its an idea to check out.  Only problem is sometimes the music is a tad bit too loud, but I've only been there on a weekend night when things are a little less "low key".  If anyone else has any ideas let 'em fly!

I live on 35 in Woodbridge... lemme know.

I'm in Woodbridge too. Weekdays are hard because I get home from work a little later than most people but weekends are always a possibility! Keep me posted.

I'm interested too, but like Dar I usually get out of work a little later and the 5-7 happy hours are hard for me to make. I'm in East Brunswick so anywhere from Mercer to Monmoth is convenient for me. Does anyone know anything about the bar scene in South Amboy?

Been there for one of my NYE celebrations, definitely "different", but fun

Good Old South Amboy. Not sure what it's like these days or what even exists anymore. :)

i live in the red bank area.. and I'm interested in meeting up.. let me know if you organize something..

I might be interested depending on when and where.  Weekends are better for me.  I'm in East Brunswick in Middlesex County

I am interested.  I live in Westfield but my main office is in Neptune City.


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