Hi! I'm new here and would like to meet new friends :) Someone around Woodbridge?

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Welcome! I live in Woodbridge.

Hey Diana! I'm not far from Woodbridge...I live in Old Bridge.

I'm only a few miles away.  I'd be more than happy to meet up and show you a bit of the area.  I'm only here about 1.25 years, so it'll be nice to know someone along the same newness level to the area.

Hey! we can meet all :)... let's go dinner this week... any recommendations?  when could work for you guys?

Friday night; Colorado Cafe isn't bad if that's your thing.  I say Famous Dave's on Route 1 South.

ok for me! Jen, Dar, what about you? if anyone want to join us, more than welcome!

I live near East Brunswick, so I'm not too far either, and I would be interested in meeting up as well!

On Friday I'm going to the Asbury park happy hour so can't do dinner then. Maybe another time

Hi Dar,  

I just joined the site, as well.  I am in Fords, which is in Woodbridge Township.  We should meet up.

Oh, hey, I'm in Woodbridge, too.  $1 Taco Tuesday tonight at Rugs n Riffys.

Also, I know it's in the Woodbridge Mall parking lot and all, but Bahama Breeze has a very good late happy hour 9pm Sun-Thurs.  What I like is it gives you time to get home (from traffic, no doubt), change, relax, and have very good food and drinks.  Casual but I'd say the crowd is well behaved which is a nice touch.  Can be crowded at times but stepping across the lot to the Red Robin isn't a bad consolation.  I can't do this Thursday, but I also like 1/2 price sushi rolls (not every but a good selection) and $2-3 drafts (I forget which, but it's ALL drafts) at the bar of Chris Michael's Steakhouse.


Is anyone free next week to meet up?

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