Does anybody want to get a New Years Eve party or meetup going?! Please let me know:)

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I think people are just being coy and that this thread will explode around New Years time haha. 

Definitely. I'd be happy to help plan if you need a hand. 

I don't have any plans as of right now. Why not!

Sounds good  any suggestions?!

I'd be down for something......

This thread hasn't really caught fire yet, but let's do some preliminary planning and see if anyone becomes interested after we have some ideas. Then, we'll see if we have enough people to make this worthwhile. If not, we'll just scrap it and call it a day. 

If we have a really tiny group (say, just Dan, Stockley, Bonnie, and myself), we can head out somewhere to watch the fireworks in person, which is always fun. We can just do, like, a fireworks meetup or meet in advance and have a beer before heading out. Whatever we want. 

If anyone has any ideas, please email me at Thanks! 

I'm in Morristown and a lot happens here. If you guys have any ideas I would be game

This looks neat:

So it's a bonfire where one writes all of the stuff one wants to forget from 2014 on a piece of paper and throws it in. There's also refreshments and other "traditional Scottish" stuff (in quotes because I honestly have no idea how traditional it is, but it sounds fun). It's FREE(!!), in Mercer County nearby the part where 95 splits off, and it seems quite well planned. I personally want to get a sense of what the turnout is like to see if parking would be difficult, and to just sort of have a better idea what to expect, so I might give them a call.


Fireworks yay! Also free, should be festive (located around Rutgers), plenty of places nearby for drinks or food. Doesn't seem like the actual fireworks will last very long, so I assume it'd be pretty low key. 

If anyone else has ideas, please share! OR, if any generous soul wants to provide a place for people to drink/hang out, I imagine a few people on NJYP would really appreciate it and I'd be happy to help plan, buy stuff, and clean up. 

Dan- this was your idea. I kind of feel like I'm tugging it away from you so I apologize. Hah. 


Hi everyone!  I don't have plans for New Year's Eve, yet.  I'm interested in hanging out, so let me know.

I looked around at places in NB and it doesn't seem like there is much going on but I was thinking bar hopping there.  Has anyone ever done New Years in NB?

I haven't but I would be up for that.

I might be able to make bar hopping. I'm not super familiar with New Brunswick and haven't been there around New Years before, so I'll defer to anyone who lives closer than me or maybe lives in the area. But, I would imagine finding a parking spot would be hellish so best bet would probably be a parking garage (here is one right by where all the bars are). But really, anyone who knows better, please help up out. 

The bars! These are roughly around the State Theater area, open on New Years Eve => New Years Day. I've never been to any of these places so I've just included info and my general thoughts based on Google reviews. 

  • Huey's Night Club- looks loud, trashy (not judging or saying it's bad, just my first thought), located on one of the off streets of College Ave. I imagine, being the demographic we are, that we want to avoid loud fratboy environments, but I don't want to speak for everyone. Also the farthest away from around the State Theater. $45 open bar and snacks, but I'm not sure if that $45 is mandatory or if there's a separate cover. Will investigate if people show interest. Opens at 9. 
  • Golden Rail Pub- also looks loud and trashy, open at 8, cover is $10 before 11pm and $15 11pm-12am, DJ, complimentary champagne (?), party favors (?)
  • George Street Ale House- open bar for $56 + tax/tip = $65-70. This includes drinks, appetizers and hors-d'oeuvres BUT the website says to RSVP by December 28, so I'll try to figure out exactly what that means. Same deal as above, not sure if the deal is that one needs to pay the open bar fee to get in or if there's a separate cover. Most likely not as young/loud as the first two. 
  • Harvest Moon- There's a bar area on the main floor and tables upstairs. Probably more upscale/older than the first three. $50 open bar from 9pm to 1am. 

Not sure about other places in the area. Melanie- I'm not sure if you were thinking of these places or if you had others in mind, but I just did a quick scan of the area and these are the places that I've found that have definite New Years shenanigans. 

And of course, anyone who has other ideas, feel free to let us know!

I've never even heard of Huey's, def not going to Golden Rail.  I wasn't planning to do a pkg.  I was thinking Harvest Moon, Mike's Courtside, or Hotoke.  I won't be there til later in the night so I'm hoping the pkg is not required at places but those don't seem terrible

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