Does anybody want to get a New Years Eve party or meetup going?! Please let me know:)

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Alrighty- well Harvest Moon sounds good to me. I had looked up both of the other places before- can't tell if Hotoke's open on New Years, Mike's is according to their facebook page. 

I also don't care for a package because I don't want food and would drink very little, so it'd be null for me. 

Right no food I'm doing a big family dinner that's why I won't be out til later as it is.  No set time.  I think we are just going to hop around to see what's open and what not.  No set plan. 

I don't care if we have an itinerary, but let's at least establish a time and place where everyone can meet. If someone lives, say, an hour away, I don't want them to drive all the way to New Brunswick only to hang out for an hour and then leave. At the same time, it'll get boring if we're just standing and waiting for the ball to drop. How about meeting up maybe 10:00 to 10:30, Harvest Moon since it's closest to the parking garage I linked a few posts back?

i'll defer to you for parking or anything I may be overlooking. Since you know the area, maybe you can PM everyone your phone number so we can all find each other? 

If you guys want to commit to a time and place that's fine.  I have family dinner prior so I don't know that I will be there by then.  Just keep me in the loop and if I make it I make it if not o well.  I don't want you guys relying on me so set something up amongst yourself.  It doesn't seem like there's many people involved either at this point anyway

Moving on then: 

Zehra suggested Morristown. There's a bar crawl that extends for six bars. Tickets are $10-12 depending on whether you print it. Not really my thing so I'll probably pass, but if other people are interested, it sounds really fun. Seems like there are a lot of great bars in Morristown, so if anyone has suggestions that'd be great.

I've never been to Morristown but I hear great things it's just so far for me

I'll post again.  I have no plans and I'm on call for the Fire Dept.  However . . . 

Toss me a few bucks for gas and time and I'll be more than happy to drive anyone around, music of their choice, so there will be no worries about trying to hunt for a cab or worries about driving sober.  Plus I'm NJ EMT and EMT-B (National Registry).  Toss some extra scratch and I'll run and grab things for you like more drinks, gatorade, snacks, etc.

What happened to the bonfire idea?  Also, there is a new spot in Red Bank called Gotham.  They are having a black tie NYE party ($20 tickets).  Let me know...

Parking is such a pain in Red Bank.  Let me know if you go how it is.

Who says that you can't go black tie anyway, wherever you decide to go?

Dominique said:

What happened to the bonfire idea?  Also, there is a new spot in Red Bank called Gotham.  They are having a black tie NYE party ($20 tickets).  Let me know...

So where is everyone going lol? I like red bank

Hi Everyone, I don't know of any interest, but there are a few tickets left to my New Years Eve Masquerade Ball. Check it out here at I'm offering $10 off to all NYJP members. Use coupon code: NJYP10 (all caps). Please feel free to let m know if you have any questions!


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