Any one down to go to a devils game? I get discount offers in the mail all the time. Tickets are either $36-40 or $70

mezzanine/balcony or lower level

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Hi Alex. I get those same offers in the mail as well for the group discount tickets. I and a few other people have been to a few games already this season. I for one and up for more games this season. I'm sure others would be as well.


Hi Alex, yep definitely interested in going to more Devils games.  :-)  As Peter mentioned, a few of us have gone together this season.  We're actually going on Tuesday.  Let us know what game you want to go to.  Peter was talking about going to a Devils and Rangers game, I believe in March.  

Hi guys -   I 'm always interested in going to Devils game, especially if they are playing the Rangers. 

great to see people interested! As of right now the only ticket offers I have are for 2/5 and 2/11

I can also get tickets to college night for 2/9

what do you guys think? or we can go to a different game and pay face value.

Since the Giants are in the Super Bowl, the 5th is out of me. The 11th is possible, to another game. I'm flexible. 

Would be up for the 11th.  Been in Jersey too long to have not made it to a Devil's game

Hey let me know when you guys get an extra ticket I would so be up for it!

I'd be up for going to the game on 2/11.

hey guys, how does friday feb 17 work? I can get tickets for $30 and it comes included with $10 food card. need to know soon! tickets are in the mezzanine. 100-200

Hi Alex - I'm interested in going to the game on Friday, Feb. 17th to see the Devils vs the Ducks.  I can pay you thru paypal.  Please let me know the final amount.  

I have liked to have gone, but I already have prior commitments for that date.

Anyone else interested in going to the devils game for the 17? I'm looking to buy tickets by Friday, if not early next week. So far only Nelly seems interested.

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