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Any one down to go to a devils game? I get discount offers in the mail all the time. Tickets are either $36-40 or $70

mezzanine/balcony or lower level

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Hey everyone! There is a small group of us going to the game this Friday but who wants to go to their game NEXT FRIDAY on the 24th?? It's Doc Emeric Night, so its a game that will be AWESOME! He is truly the best play by play announcer there is. There is an offer by NJTransit $36 for 100 level seating. I know I am gonna go. Anyone else wanna tag along?

I am totally up for going to that game next Friday. I'm sure that will be a night to remember like Niedermayer night was.

Any plans to go to the Rangers/ Devils game coming up? I think it's maybe next week?

It's on the 6th in newark. I haven't seen anything on it. Would be fun to go to.

okay - just wondering if anyone was able to get discounts. I got something sent to me, but it looks like they are about 70 bucks.

Yeah I got that too. Plum benefits discount.

Any one interested in going to the Devils vs Flyers game on Sunday March 11th? I found a ticket deal for $40 tickets in the 100 level sections that include a $10 meal card. The game is at 7pm. I went to a Devils/Flyers game last season and they are always a fun rivalry game to go to.

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