Rooftop Happy Hour @ the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

Hey all, throughout the summer and into late fall the MET has a rooftop cocktail hour from 5:30 - 8:00 pm. Not only is the sunset breath taking, but the martinis are too! Afterwards we'll head down to Ethos, a greek restaurant near Penn.


Interested? The date has now been set for Saturday, Sept 11th! Meet me @ 5:30 p.m. on the roof.  Pls, pls let me know 2 things: 1) if you're coming so I can look for ya & 2) if you're coming to Ethos afterwards. (if the group is too large we may not be able to do dinner in NYC) 


Here's the link to bar:





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I'd be interested. Either day works for me.
Saturday sounds good
I would definitely like to be kept in the loop for this. I won't know my schedule until closer to the date, but both Fridays and Saturdays work just the same for me right now :)
Hi Jill!

I'm new to NJYP and I am interested in attending this event. I didn't know the Met had a rooftop!! I have another engagement that evening, therefore, I would not be able to attend Ethos.

Hi, I'm new to NJYP and looking forward to getting involved and coming out to the events :) This sounds fun! I would prefer saturday but i think friday will work too.
I'd be up for Friday or Sat
My preference would be Friday, Jill, if you're tallying.
The Met's rooftop exhibit is one of my favorite places on the planet -- I'm so glad so many people are interesting in doing this!
Please count me in! Sounds like fun :)
I think I put down Sat the 11th before, but there's a big MusicFest happening in Clark, NJ that day. I'd be down for going on Friday the 10th instead! Keep us posted,, this sounds great!
Sounds like fun! I'd prefer the Friday but keep me in the loop. Hopefully I can make it out :)
Ditto on Friday. Good idea!
I changed my mind, lets do Friday. I can totally make it.

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