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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Digital Marketing advice?

As a part of my New Year's resolution, I'm hoping to improve my marketing techniques. I can't afford to go back to school, so I was wonder if anyone has any advice on learning SEO (search engine optimization) and digital marketing. Is this something you can teach yourself? I'm looking to use it for work and a small business I'm helping to get more exposure. I want to teach myself, so this is not a request to pay anyone for services.

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Kristen what do you do? I am not an IT guy but I do work with a few and I have been doing some things to do the SEO. Email me and I can give you some pointers and what has been working for me.

I do marketing for an accounting firm. We just started building up our presence on social media, but I think they're leaving out SEO and they're always looking for ways to get new leads. We get some internet inquiries, but I think with SEO we could get even more. I also help out with a new local yoga studio, so I want to build up their client base. I'll send you an email, I'd love some advice.

Did you set up Google Analytics and Meta tags on your pages? Are you doing new and updated content as well? Feel free to email me for some tips. We use a company to help with over all SEO but I do know a few things.

I know this is an old post but if either of you 3 has some pointers for me on SEO I'd love to hear it as well.

This google SEO guide might help as a starting point:

Brian Melnick said:

I know this is an old post but if either of you 3 has some pointers for me on SEO I'd love to hear it as well.

I have something that might help you out when it comes to organizing NJYP and also wondering if you're interested in it.  It has nothing to do with SEO, but something that might help you.

Hi Kristen, my company specializes in SEO & SEM so I can definitely help you get started.  Accounting is a competitive space, so SEO won't be a simple undertaking.  You will have to have an aggressive approach for it to be effective.  Do you have any budget at all to work with?  Message me on FB.

But for now here are a few things to consider for starters :

1. Keyword Selection - your target keyword list should consist of combinations of specific services + target city / state

2. Site Structure (Navigation Structure, Use of Javascript, Flash, Frames) - I can look at the site quickly and tell you if there are any problems

3. Content (Keyword Density and positioning)

4. Backlinks

Local directories will help your cause.  Yahoo Local, Superpages, Google Places, Etc for a couple of reasons. and are very old, but good for any website to participate in.  Every link back to your site, especially from prominent directories is like a "vote" for your site in the eyes of Google.

Some of the things Google is looking for (as per their latest algorithm updates):

1. Fresh Content (does your site content ever change?)

2. Relevant Content

3. Backlinks (again, directories - or web release campaigns, article campaigns etc) 

4. "Social Signals" - Google+'s, Follows, Recommendations, Likes

Foundations Are important as well.

TITLE and META Description tags are VERY important.  

They should be no more than 80 chars for a TITLE tag, 150 for META description, including your most important geo targeted phrases.

META keywords is not indexed by most search engines anymore because of past abuse/spam for years by webmasters so dont spend too much time on that one.

Here is a good starting point :


Aside from this PPC advertising is one of the most effective digital channels with strong ROI, if configured properly.  

Hi Kristen,

I'd recommend taking a look at "The Free Beginner's Guide From" on SEO: and taking a look at subscribing to, which has oodles of tutorials, on technical concepts like SEO.

This reply is several months late, but, I'd thought I'd add my $0.02 anyway!

Check out HubSpot. You can get a free Inbound Marketing Certificate where you will learn a bit about SEO. also offers a great free course.

Hey Kristen - I write a blog that has a lot of free SEO trips and tricks

- Omar

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