Some NJYP Changes!


Based on what I have observed I have decided to make a couple of changes to the website and would love to hear your feedback.


  1. I eliminated the “Chat” feature, mostly due to under use.  If you used Chat regularly let me know by posting below.


  1. I have added GROUPS to the website,  This should allow those with similar interests to come together to share ideas and plan casual, unofficial events.


Right now, to start, there are 3 groups to get us started:


1. The Golf Club – Due to the nature of the game I will never plan official golfing events BUT I think this group will allow those to come together and go out in small groups.

2. DareDevils – Again, it is nearly impossible to try to plan big adventure events but this group will help pull together those who are interested in small skydiving trips, whitewater rafting adventures, etc.

3. Little Black Dress – I plan many Girls Night Out events but this group will help the women of NJYP continue the conversation after such events and it is perfect for those who missed an event.


What other groups should I add?  Go here to post your ideas,  I’ll then create a survey that can be e-blasted to all Members.


That’s it for now!  Both the addition of Groups and the elimination of Chat are trials, over the next few months we’ll all get to see how these changes do.



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sounds good to me! :)
What about a sports specific group? For people who would like to organize soccer, basketball, softball type games. NJYP would be a great way to bring a lot of people together to do that. And the group could be used for friendly banter about professional teams.
How about a group for music lovers?  Members could find concert buddies or just chat about favorite / new bands, etc.



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