START DATE: June 13.. Need a place in Morristown ;)

Confirmed today that my start date in June 13. They did say I could start the 20th if I needed extra time.

Hope to find a place in Morristown on the short notice.

UPDATE: Areas suggested by Verizon Wireless HR (please rank based on my wants/desires)



Hoboken (is a bit of a ride but we do have people that commute from that area if you’re looking for something close to NYC)




Where are you coming from?
College Park, MD (15 north of downtown Washington, DC)

Why are you moving?
Beginning a MBA LDP with Verizon Wireless

Where will you be working?
Basking Ridge, NJ

Will you buy or rent?

What is your budget?
Under $2000/month including Parking

What kind of place are you looking for?
At least 1 bed & 1 bath. 720 sqft or more. Washer & Dryer in Unit.

Will anyone (spouse, children, pets) be moving with you?
I have two small cats.

Briefly describe the kind of neighborhood you'd like to live in:
I am 29 and single. I live outside Washington, DC right now and don't take advantage of all the city has to offer because I am not close to metro and its a PITA to get in and out of the city since I don't live there.

Thus, (though the commute to Basking Ridge might suck), I have been looking around Hoboken, Jersey City, Bayonne in order to have access to more nightlife, young single professionals, etc.

I don't know anyone in the area and want to be close to the action (softball leagues, volleyball leagues, flag football, bars, entertainment, etc.)

I have read Morristown might be a good place, what are your thoughts?

If I can have EASY (ie, walking) distance to a train/metro system to get me from XYZ to Hoboken/Jersey City/Manhattan that might work out well.

I have read that taking public transportation to Basking Ridge would not be a great option since I have a car (car would be much faster).

List three things that are important to you in order of importance:
1) Good location to meet new people, make new friends, and be able to have fun in my early 30s.
2) Commute convenience (I'll live with 40min or so if its moving traffic)
3) Walk-in closet/storage/ (essentially space, bang for buck)

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Morristown is a great town too. Not as "uppity" as Hoboken or Jersey City can be. And the renting prices are more affordable, and a lot nicer. I think Morristown is closer to Basking Ridge too, which will be nice for your commute. Parking in Hoboken and Jersey City can be expensive and a pain (especially when it snows), most Morristown places has parking on the street or in a lot.

Hmmm, I'm not big on "uppity" :P. But, If I wanted an "uppity" Friday or Saturday night, how challenging is it to commute from Morristown to Hoboken/JC? Public transport easily available?


(Thanks of the quick response.)

ill help you out w/morristown...ill let others give you other options... ;)


morristown is less than 8 miles from the verizon campus in basking ridge...though, that might mean 30+ minutes in traffic...and how close you are to the way out of town, either 287 (highway) or 202 (slower two lane road with less traffic which will take you to basking ridge)...


morristown has a train station and an eclectic mix of bars...lots of restaurants...and its a town where you can walk to around (and run into people you know often)...its desirable and tends to be more expensive...there are older apartments that are on the cheaper side (less than $1500/mo)...however, if you want a w/d in the unit, youre looking at closer to $2k/mo as they are the newer buildings, but you seem to be willing to pay up ti $2k...keep in mind, though, the newer 1brs tend to be smaller than older bang-for-your-buck might need compromise if youre looking at morristown (or hoboken, or nicer areas of jersey city)...


i live in morristown at the highlands at morristown station ( ...its right on the dont even need to cross the street to get on the nyc bound train...the smallest 1br unit is around $1800/mo, one that is 720sqft is going to run you $2k...however...parking is in a parking garage owned by nj transit so it costs $100/mo per car for the permit...the building is at 98% capacity, so they likely wont budge on price like they did when i moved in last year...


other 'luxury' buildings (the only ones i know of with w/d in units) are AMLI (, Chancery Square (, and The Metropolitan (


to check the train schedules to nyc/hoboken, go to is always one train (but it takes over an hour) and hoboken is sometimes one train or transfer in secaucus or newark...the nj transit site can help you with train schedules from whatever towns you are looking its a good reference point overall...


ok...thats it for me for now... :)

I say go Morristown too!  I personally prefer Morristown to Hoboken/JC, but think I may be in the minority.  There is mass transit to NYC and you could get to Hoboken too, you would just need to switch trains.  Good luck!


To/From Morristown to/from Jersey City or Hoboken is about a 45 minute train ride. Which isn't too bad (except on the way home after a night of drinking) lol.

Anthony said:

Hmmm, I'm not big on "uppity" :P. But, If I wanted an "uppity" Friday or Saturday night, how challenging is it to commute from Morristown to Hoboken/JC? Public transport easily available?


(Thanks of the quick response.)

WOW, so far the best $19.99 I have spent this week :) HA. Thank you all for your responses.


What I want to be able to do (no matter where I end up living) is the following:

1) Golf
2) Softball
3) Go out and meet people (entertainment, bars, etc)

4) Ability to walk to retail/entertainment/food

If there is convenient public transportation that takes me from Morristown to Hoboken/Jersey City then Morristown seems like a great option for a number of reasons:

1) much closer to work than Hoboken/JC
2) cheaper Cost of Living (rent, parking) *edit* based on Kasey's details post (THANK YOU), it may not be THAT much cheaper than Hoboken/JC

What is the social scene like in Morristown/Bedminster? Age range?

Where Kasey is living is an almost brand new building. You can find a house to rend for about that price. If you look in Morris Plains (the town over from Morristown) you can find some nice places as well (and cheaper). But Morristown has the kind of nightlife it sounds like you're looking for.


Age range, I'd say late 20's, early 30's .... business professionals.


And you'll definitely meet people through this group. Everyone is really friendly and always open to meet new people. So you definitely chose the right group! You should also look into Morris County Jaycees. I'm a member of that group as well, it's a volunteer group, and everyone is really welcoming.

I highly suggest morristown.  You've got the train in case you want to go to NYC, but Morristown's night life rivals Hoboken with a much cheaper cost.  The commute to Verizon is about 12 minutes(I live in Morristown and was considering a job there recently so I tested the commute a few times).


The public transportation to VZ would not be a good idea.  Driving yourself is going to be much faster.  Morristown itself has a lot of apartment buildings, but if you look in Morris Plains, you can find better deals on rent.  Morris Plains is kind of the donut around Morristown.  I know some of the higher end units in Morristown have a W/D in unit, but I think that's going to be the biggest challenge for you to find.

anthony...morristown is cheaper than hoboken/jersey city if you take into consideration the age of the buildings and their ammenities...there are definitely much cheaper apartments in morristown that are larger and cost less than the luxury buildings...but youd have to compromise on the w/d in your own unit...the w/d, having central a/c and heat, and 24hr emergency maintenence was a HUGE reason for me being willing to pay the extra in rent (oh, plus my building has a gym, room w/pool table, and a POOL)... :)


you can rent a house for around $2k/mo in certain parts of town or in the neighboring towns, but it likely wont be that close to downtown where you can walk there (especially if youre talking after a night of drinking) really depends on what is important to you...if you dont need to be able to walk out your door, then morristown might not be worth the extra money...thats for you to decide...


when i moved into my apartment last year (i moved across town) i was dead set on staying in morristown b/c i spent nearly all my time there...if i were moving today, i may have moved outside of town...but thats just because i dont spend as much time walking around town as i used to due to a certain someone (who will remain, when we have beautiful weekends like this past one, its great to be able to just walk out the door and around town!

one suggestion, on addressing the w/d issue...if you are ok with dropping your laundry off with someone...get a non-luxury apartment and then drop off your laundry at a wash and fold will cost you a lot less than $500/mo in additional rent plus the apartment will be bigger...i, personally, dont like anyone touching my stuff (and im particular how things get washed AND allergic to chemical fragrances used in laundry detergent), for me...i opted for the w/d in my unit... ;)


also...another suggestion...if you want a luxury apartment...find a roommate and get a will cost you less per person than if you get a 1br alone... :)


also, to note...many of the apartments in new jersey will charge you a non-refundable pet deposit (which can be up to $500) and monthly pet rent (up to $50/mo per pet)...i have a cat and my building charges $50/mo per pet (limited of 2 pets)...which, i think is last apartment charges $25/mo for pet rent (still insane) nj, its standard... :-/

Life is all about compromise :)


Things I can't (scratch that)... Thing's I really dont think I can live without..

W/D in unit

Guaranteed Parking (garage would be nice)

Under 30 min commute to work


This would put me in Morristown or Morris Plains (so it would seem).  I could always drive/train to Hoboken/NYC once or twice a month.


Being able to walk out my door for groceries, banking, retail, and nightlife would save money on gas and save lots of time (big pluses for living IN Morristown).


Looks like I will have to crunch some numbers... any accountants? :P

Ouch, that is crazy.  See ya Camden and Miles... it was nice knowing ya :)


If I abandon the W/D in unit, what communities do you suggest that are in the downtown Morristown area?


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