Stress Factory Comedy Club- New Brunswick, Saturday, April 5

 Hi Everyone,

Dom Irrera is performing at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick on Saturday, April 5th at either 7:30 or 9:45.  If you're interested let me know what time works better.  I've never seen him, but according to their website, he is one of the top ten comics of all time.  

Pricing options: 1)  7:30 show: (doors open 5:30) $26.75 per ticket ($25 for ticket plus

                                $1.75 service  charge) plus  a 2 item minimum per person. 

                            2) 7:30 show:   show plus an all you can eat buffet (check in at 6, buffet ends

                                at 7)  for total of $33.96 ($32 for ticket plus $1.96 service charge) 

                            3)  9:45 show:  same pricing as option 1

Please let me if you're interested and what option you'd prefer and then we can make a decision.  I will be making reservations on Saturday, March 29 by 5pm as I don't want to wait until last minute as this is a special event show.   I hope to be able to get a nice group together:)



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Great idea! I need a greatt laugh. Option 2 sounds the best!! You'll be spending more with two drinks.

Thanks Karen!  I think option 2 is better as well.  Before posting this discussion I looked in to see if they offer a group discount if we could get maybe 6 or 7 people but I haven't been able to speak to anyone but I'll will definitely try again. 

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