I love tennis but it's been a while since I've played because I don't have people around me who can consistently play in Middlesex county.  I would like to set up a weekly tennis game at Merrill Park in Iselin.  Am open to other locations in Middlesex county.  Please let me know if you are interested.


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We play in Plainfield park and tennis court at Plainfield road/Oak Tree junction on weekends...you are most welcome to join :-)

I've never played tennis before (other than in gym class when I was in high school), but it's something that I have been interested in trying, so I would be up for playing sometime - just won't be that good at first! lol

I'd be interested if this is on Sundays but doesn't sound like it is. If so let me know, played a little in high school and thereafter, always enjoyed this sport.
I'm looking forward to playing soon. Ravi what days do you play on the weekend?
It would be nice if we could get a group together.

Candace what days work for you?

You can email me directly at hemas.623@gmail.com and we can set up an email chain.


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