Unofficial happy hour meet-up Aug 4 at Green Knoll in Bridgewater (Looking to Make More Friends in Middlesex/Somerset Area)

Hey all =o)

I'm not new to NJYP but a lot of personal stuff has kept me away for a while. But now I'm back (hooray) and really interested in getting back in the loop. Most of my friends live pretty far away so I'm hoping to make some more great friends in this area. There's a lot of great places to go in New Brunswick or the Somerville/Bridgewater area. Anyone want to get together one night in the next week or two? Let's get a few ppl out to have a few drinks and some good convo.


So far it seems Wed, Aug 4 is the date and we're meeting at Green Knoll at 7pm. Meet at the Tiki bar outside, weather permitting...Looking for ideas on how we can more easily find each other since its not an official event and there will be other people there besides us. cell # exchange maybe?


Mine work BlackBerry # is 646.334-2448. I'll have it on me for Aug 4th but its not usually the best way to get in touch with me normally. Also, my FB page is Feel free to friend me. I'm on there all the time so it's usually the fastest way to get a hold of me. Just mention you're from NJYP since I usually tend to ignore requests from ppl I don't know.




PS- Looks like we got a good crowd coming :) Tell your friends too. The more the merrier! Also remember to bring business cards so we can all stay in touch easier (trying to search for random names on the njyp site is a bit difficult if you only have a person's first name). See you Wednesday!

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Well, I'm in Morris County, but Bridgewater is only about 20 minutes from work. So I will probably head there as well.
I don't live far and haven't been to an event yet either so I'd love to come out and meet some people :)
Definitely count me in. There should be enough people in the Bridgewater/Somerville area to do this sort of thing more often.
I am new to these events, I plan to be there.
Hey did you decide where you're going Wed? I may be interested in meeting up for a drink and meeting some new people. I work in New Brunswick!

Tina :-)
Hi - I would like to try to meet up to at the Green Knoll Grill on the 4th. I live in the area also, sounds like fun - would be nice to meet up with everyone.
hey everyone! had a few messages asking about the date and place so I'm just confirming that you all know the details. The plan is to meet Aug 4 around 7pm at the Green Knoll in Bridgewater. We'll all meet outside at the tiki bar (its in the back) if the weather's nice. Obviously we'll stay inside at the main bar if its raining. I've posted my blackberry # in the main message. Feel free to message/friend me on here or fb if you need or want more info.
Hey Stacy

I am sorry I didn't see this discussion earlier. I would love to have come down for the unofficial event.

I just recently was introduced to the whole Bridgewater area and its a great place to be!

The 7pm timeframe was a great idea. That is the perfect time given NJ traffic.

Man this exploded into a huge event - can't wait for this Wednesday to see everyone there.

And if you're in the area Friday night guys, don't forget to check out another event in New Brunswick:
Going to jot this date in my calendar. Sounds like it would be fun
I work very close to GKG, so I might be able to stop by!
I'm going.. trying to bring other Somerville peeps with me.

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