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Just wanted to throw an upcoming event out here for you, if there are people who are soccer fans.  USA will be playing Brazil on August 10th at the New Meadowlans Stadium in East Rutherford. I will definitely be there coming off this World Cup Fever! Tix are available at ussoccer.com.  It should be a great event, plus we get to check out the newest stadium NJ has. (which was also named the most eco-friendly stadium in the nation) Come support our National Soccer Team!

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If we could form some carpools to split up those exorbitant parking fees, then this is something I would like to do.
Wow, should be fun!

Keith, if it's expected to be a big enough turnout, NJT will probably run a train to the new Meadowlands Station from Hoboken and Secaucus. Parking at Secaucus will probably be cheaper than at the stadium.
I would definitely be down for this...
I'd definitely be interested!
Parking for this event is $25 per car, which isn't too bad.
Is the stadium open seating or is there a group meeting up somewhere?
I would surely be down for this event...do we have a starting time for the event? That's a Tuesday and I get off at 6pm so I might be pushing it
I'm Totally up for this, Brazil should have something to prove after their devastating loss in the World Cup, and the U.S. will surely like to prove something as well. Keep me in the loop.

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