Has anyone ever gone to Velocity 17 in Maywood it is indoor good car racing from what I understand the website looks interesting ?

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Sounds like fun! I would go:)
I've been there before, it's a good time. The cart racing is pretty cool, went there with a group of coworkers a while back. I know it's a bit pricey but the track racing is great, just gets tough to pass slow people and the race results reporting system is useless, it's almost impossible to tell "who won" afterwards - they post the results to the race as it's happening and remove it as the race ends - so if proving who won matters, this might not be a good call. The only thing you can find is "fastest lap" but it's for all day so if you go late in the day on a weekend your name can get lost in the ether.

Also the simulators kind of sucked.
I checked out the website and it looks great. I've never gone go-karting before, so here's my dumb question of the day: what do you get for the money? I mean, how long does a race last, or can you race for as long as you want?
Each race lasts about 8-10 minutes, it's been a few months so I forget - that equals 8-10 laps or so. I don't know what the difference between Standard and High-Performance is though (http://www.v-17.com/tools-price-list.php ) - I think I did high performance, given what I recall. I'll be honest and say that there's no way in hell I'd spend $60 for 3 races, just not worth the money.

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