I noticed we don't really have any forum threads just for the sake of having threads (they're all for job postings/events/whatever, which is great, but why not use this as an actual forum?). Maybe they're just really buried a couple hundred pages in and I haven't seen them. 

Post whatever you want about movies/TV/shows/etc. that you're watching, watched, or planning to watch.

Discussion is welcome- ideally this would lead to people saying things like "Hey, you like the Katy Perry movie? I like the Katy Perry movie! Let's hang out and watch the Katy Perry movie!" which is kind of the point, no? I would say though, let's broadly keep two rules in mind: 

  1. Be respectful always, to other members and also the staff who moderate the forums.
  2. Like I said, discussion is good, but be considerate of others and mindful of pushing your opinion too much. No one wants to read one person's 500 page tirade about why "Twilight" sucks. There are a billion other sites on which one can go super in depth into films, and NJYP probably isn't one of them. 

Okay, go! 

Yesterday, I rewatched Star Wars, but I played Red Letter Media's "Mr. Plinkett" commentary track with it. 



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Currently watching New Girl, Mindy Project, Jane the Virgin, all the girly shows lol

Brrrr tough crowd hahaha. 

I watched the Homeland season finale yesterday and (spoilers) it sucked! 

Hmmm... Never seen these shows before. I'm more of a Walking Dead, Ground Floor, Big Bang Theory kinda guy. Also watch Arrow and Flash. Anyone into those shows?
The Walking Dead, The Flash, & Shameless. RIP Sons of Anarchy lol

I was pretty satisfied with Walking Dead this season (or half season rather). I stopped liking it a while back and still think it has a lot of flaws, but I genuinely looked forward to watching it every week. 

I really liked Gone Girl Wild. I get the feeling it's going to be one people like more in retrospect. Need to catch up on Foxcatcher and the Imitation Game. And why wasn't Louie nominated for a Globe? Season four is one of the most beautiful and creative seasons of television I've ever seen.  

What flaws do you think Walking Dead has? I know it has a few but I'm curious as to what you think they are. I love the Flash. I think it's had a pretty strong first season. I really liked the cross over with Arrow. One of my favorite episodes so far.

This is just my two cents and nothing more, so I'm by no means asking anyone to see things my way or to like WD any less (and I do still enjoy watching the show). I'm an idiot and my opinion doesn't matter. EDIT: Holy crap this was a lot of text. I won't be offended at all if you just skip to the tl;dr. 


For me, it comes down to pretty much a lack of interest in the characters. Calling it a flaw is probably wrong, maybe it's just personal taste. The characters don't really change or grow, or seem to do anything but stick to a short list of cliched character traits. Things happen to them, but nothing changes about them (the exception being Carol). Rick's been playing the same game for almost four seasons now: "It's a bad world out there and everybody's dangerous, so let's shoot everything. Grrr." Glenn has a wife now. So...what's different about him? I can't really assign any new growth to him as a result of his marriage. That doesn't make for a strong character. When a show has caricatures instead of real, three-dimensional people, it justifies those characters doing a lot of silly, sometimes nonsensical things with unclear motivations. Here's an example that really sticks out for me: SPOILER Michonne leaves Woodbury and manages to lose her trackers, including Merle. Michonne then finds her way to the prison and lets Rick know that Merle ambushed Glenn and Maggie. She then goes back to Woodbury ALONE, where she finds the Gov's zombie head aquarium and "kills" his daughter and stuff. My question is, why did she do that? This was at a point where we knew nothing about the character of Michonne- don't know her motivations, don't know her character, nothing, except that she's a badass who has a sword. She could've gone her own way, she could've stayed at the prison to knit a sweater, she could've at least waited for Rick to assemble a group so they could attack the Gov together. I still remember just being in a daze at that moment in the show, because I had no idea why she did what she did. Then the Gov goes on to do a bunch of stuff I thought was silly, and I guess the justification was just supposed to be "Oh, he's a crazy person, and that's what crazy people do." That makes for weak story telling. This is all just my two cents.


There's this whole backstory about production shenanigans starting around season 3 that explains how it got schlockier over time. Basically, it seems like AMC was cutting the budget thinner and thinner to the point that Frank Darabont eventually had little control and was eventually fired over disputes. Thing is, Darabont really built WD up from scratch, hiring his own actors and friends, all of whom took salaries far below what they could be earning in order to work with Darabont. I believe the budget per episode in Season 2 was something like 2.8 million, which is about half of what Charlie Sheen singlehandedly made for a half hour episode of Two and a Half Men. Andrew Lincoln’s salary as of the end of Season 4 is reportedly $90,000, which is nothing to sneeze at, but pretty insulting considering he’s the leading man on the most watched show on cable. So you're talking about a network that wanted the producers to keep churning out more and more episodes for less and less money. This explains quite a lot when you think about it, like why they spent so long on Hershel's farm (reusing the same set + being able to shoot indoors + more justification to keep around the same actors because their characters are safe = cash saved), as well as a lot of filler and pandering.


TL;DR: I'm not fond of the characters and I feel like it sometimes panders and wastes time.


Sorry for the long post, I find a lot of things about WD really fascinating and I ramble when I'm sleepy. I'll shut up now. 

Dragonball Z

Edward said:

Dragonball Z

Yes! And watching DBZ is so much better online because you get to skip all of the long speeches and stalling and get straight to the punching. 

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