I'm planning to spend my summer by the beach.  I won't have friends in the area so I wanted to see if there's any NJYP people that plan to go down.  I'll be near the Lavallette area.

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I'm not down there this weekend :(

I live in Lake Como/Belmar, so I'm always available for anyone that wants to hit up any of the shore towns.

I am always down to go to the beach and hang out in the area! 

I'm always up for a trip to the beach and hang out down there as well. 

Hope everyone and anyone is seeing this, I would love to get to the beach this weekend, and heard its supposed to be nice. Anyone interested? I am open to which beach, Belmar, Sandy Hook and Point Pleasant are my favorites. Who is down?

I live in Asbury Park. I'm always up for anyone who wants to come and spend the day at the beach. 

I live near Asbury Park and Long Branch and I'm usually at one of those two beaches on the weekends. I'll be down to go to any other beach though.

Sweet. I love long branch or Asbury.
Those are both great places, unfortunately I am busy all weekend this week. Have fun all if you go this weekend.

My friends and I are going to Asbury Park to check out the bonfire tomorrow night if anyone wants to go.

(848) 391-1000

I should be able to go. Wanna shoot for long branch? 

Laura and I decided Asbury park beach tomorrow. Anyone interested just let me know :)

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