What are the new membership levels?
If you pay the one-time Membership dues then you will be called a "Member" until you turn 40 or terminate your Membership. Anyone who does not pay the one-time dues will be considered a "Non-Member" and will not have a profile on the NJYP.org website.

What is the difference between "Member" and "Non-Member"?
Only "Members" can:
* Email other Members (only Members will have accounts so everyone you email will be a real, live person who paid the one-time Membership dues.
* Post and follow forum discussions.
* Post job opening ads and job wanted ads.
* Can RSVP to all of the upcoming events.
* Receive free and discounted "Member" tickets to events.
* And more like add other Members as friends, add wall comments, post pictures, etc.

* Do not have accounts or profiles set-up on www.NJYP.org.
* Must pay the Non-Member price for events.

If I am a Member of New Jersey Young Professionals (I paid the one-time dues) and I want to bring a guest to an event what price do they pay?
Guests of Members must buy the non-member tickets. If there is no fee listed and the event is free to the public then can then attend without making a payment. Most often Happy Hours will be free to Members and non-members.

I can’t remember if I paid the Membership dues. How do I find out?
First try to log-in to www.NJYP.org. If you cannot do so, do a search on www.Paypal.com to see if you made a payment. If you still cannot find receipt of payment send an email to Info@NJYP.org

What Age Range does NJYP cater to?
You must be 21-39 years of age.

What happens when I turn 40?
Your Membership will be terminated.

I do not want my full name displaying on the website. Now what?
First sign in to the website. Then, from any page, click Settings (top of the right column). The 3rd line down under PROFILE says "First Name". Consider this your DISPLAY NAME and change it to anything you want then click save at the bottom.

How can I keep my photos from showing up under the "Photos" tab?
From any page go to Settings (upper right) then click Privacy (left) and edit who can see your photos.

My profile page comes up when I Google myself. How can I prevent that?
From any page on NJYP.org click “Settings” on the right or just go here http://www.njyp.org/profiles/settings/editProfileInfo and
Under “Privacy”: Make your profile visible only to friends.
Under “My Page”: Change your url so that your last name is not in it.
Under "Profile": Make sure where it says "First Name" (there are two spots) only your first name or username is showing. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR LAST NAME under the "Profile Questions" or we will not be able to verify your membership. This information is NOT visible on the web.

I cannot attend an event. Can I get a refund?
Due to Paypal refund fees and the large number of tickets we sell "all sales are final" HOWEVER if you bought a Member ticket we have no problem with you selling it to a Member. If you bought a Non-Member ticket you can resell it to a Non-Member OR to a Member. It is up to you to exchange the money and most use Paypal for this.

Once you sell the ticket go to http://www.eventbrite.com, log-in, and you can change the name on the ticket from YOUR name to the BUYERS name. If you do not have a log-in just create one; it will link your tickets to the email you have been using.

To sell a ticket post it here http://www.njyp.org/forum AND on the event page of the event the ticket is for. Someone will buy it; they always do!

I moved out of the area. How can I take myself off the website?
To leave NJYP follow these instructions. This will remove you from NJYP and if you wish, permanently delete all the content you've added.
1. Sign-in to the www.NJYP.org
2. Click on the "Settings" link in the right hand column of the Main page.
3. On the My Settings page, you'll see a link to remove yourself and all of your content from the website on the bottom of that page.


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