Better Body Challenge - 2013


Refresh your physique with NJYP’s ‘Biggest Loser’ style Better Body Challenge.  Lasting 12 weeks, with two weigh-ins in select counties, this competition will help get you going and keep you motivated.  

- All Players and Sideliners get comp’d and deeply discounted tickets to supporting events like kick boxing, Zumba, educational workshops and more;

- Access to the Better Body Challenge online message board for tips, encouragement, and entry to exclusive BBC Only events;

- Players compete for Big Time Prizes with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of both genders in each participating county;

Make new friends, shed some extra pounds, and at the end of 12 weeks, embrace a healthier you.

 Sign-up and throw down the gauntlet for victory!  Eventbrite - The Better Body Challenge 2013 

After you complete registration be sure to join our exclusive BBC Group and RSVP here,

Need more info?  Reach out to  




What are the participating counties?

This contest is currently open to the following counties: Bergen, Essex, Morris, and Middlesex. But know you do NOT have to LIVE in one of these counties.


Which county should I sign up for?

You may sign up for any ONE county (Bergen, Essex, Morris, or Middlesex ) you want.  Keep in mind that prizes given in the county will be centered in that county.  So, if you sign up in Middlesex County and your prize package contains a “Day at the Spa”, the spa will be in Middlesex. That being said, if you live in Morris but your friends and job are in Middlesex County you may want to sign up to compete in Middlesex. It is up to you! You may not switch counties after the initial weigh-in.


Who will I be competing against? Who can participate?

This challenge is open to ANYONE 21 to 39 years old, but only NJYP Members will have access to the resources on, so you may want to join NJYP before participating.  You will only be competing against people of the same gender who are registered as Players in the same county you are registered. 


What’s the cost?

Just $25 to be a Player or $10 to be a Sideliner. Go here to sign-up,


What is a “Player”?

A “player” gets access to the supporting events and gets to compete for prizes

For $25, you get:

  • To compete for the $500 county based prize package;
  • To attend 2 Mandatory Weigh-ins: January 27th, 2013 and April 21st, 2013
  • Comp’d or discounted tickets to special events, from workouts to workshops to meet and greets;
  • Access to private Better Body Challenge NJYP message boards (receive tips and support, find workout partners, etc.)


What exactly is a “Sideliner”?

Becoming a “Sideliner” is perfect for anyone who is looking for weight-loss support without the competition, but they cannot win prizes. 

For only $10 - that’s less than two value meals at McDonald’s, and a lot better for you too - you get:

  • Comp’d or discounted tickets to special events, from workouts to workshops to meet and greets;
  • Access to the Weigh-ins, but they’re optional: January 27th, 2013 and April 21st, 2013
  • Access to private Better Body Challenge NJYP message boards (receive tips and support, find workout partners, etc.)


Is there a minimum/maximum number of participants allowed?

Yes - if a county does not acquire 10 men and/or women as ‘Players’, the county will be dropped for one or both genders.  There’s a maximum of 20 Players per gender to a county.  However, there’s no min or max for Sideliners.


So, what happens if my county gets dropped?

If you registered and your county doesn’t reach the minimum sign-up, you will get a refund or you can switch to a county that did reach the minimum, whichever you’d like.


Why should I join this contest?
Not only is the contest good for staying healthy, you’ll also be able to find everything from support to gym buddies in this private group,  This contest is all about building you up, helping you out, and motivating you in the New Year.

But, if that’s not enough for you, we have a few other incentives.   Players and Sideliners can take part in comp’d and discounted special events such as gym visits, walk and talk events, educational workshops.  Players will have the chance to win big prize packages! 


So…what are the prizes?

We will be putting the prize packages together during the competition.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each county will get a prize package worth approximately $500, $100, and $50 respectively.  At that rate, a 1st place Sample Package could look like this:

$50 gift card to a Local Restaurant

$100 in Yoga Classes

$50 in Confidence Boosting Kick-boxing Classes

$100 in Personal Training

$100 in Movie Theatre Gift Cards

$100 in Beer Making Lessons


What if I just want the motivation without the competition?

If you’d like to participate in the Better Body Challenge but do not want to go for the prizes then you are more than welcome to join as a ‘Sideliner”.  This option is perfect for anyone who is looking for weight-loss support.  The cost to become a Sideliner is $10.


How will the winners be determined?

Winners will be based on % of weight loss for your gender, within your county.


Where and at what time will the weigh-ins occur?

The BBC will be based out of 4 counties, Bergen, Essex, Morris, and Middlesex. The weigh-ins will be the mornings of January 27th, 2013 and April 21st, 2013 in those counties. The exact schedule will be posted here once it is available,


But…What if I can’t attend a weigh-in?

Both weigh-ins are required for Players and optional for Sideliners. If you cannot attend both, then consider participating as a “Sideliner”.  However, you can go to ANY weigh-in location on weigh-in days! It does not need to be in your county.


What should I wear to a weigh-in?
You must wear the SAME clothing to both weigh-ins! You'll be able to take your shoes off so they can vary but wear the same socks.  Workout clothes, in general will be best. We'll snap a picture of everyone for our records, and your pockets will be emptied too.


What if I just don’t want to participate anymore - can I get a refund?

If you decide this just is not your cup of tea (even though we’ll miss you) you can request a refund by mailing PRIOR to 1.27.13 (exact deadline is midnight on 1.26.13.)  No questions asked, no refund fees.


Good Luck Everyone!!



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