Anyone have any good New Years plans? or ideas?  Not sure what I'm doing yet. 

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Melanie, that is a great idea. I started something simliar and while I don't have any ideas as of now I would like to do something with the NJYP group for New Years. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thank you.

My friend and I were just talking about this.  We were going to go to our friends' usual New Year's Even party but were thinking about doing something different this year.  We saw a $45 open bar party in Hoboken and a $40 open bar party in NYC and were thinking about going to one of those.

There are a few good concerts in the city that look like a fun way to celebrate the end of 2011.

My friends and I decided on doing the Times Scare in NYC.  We still have room at our table if anyone is interested.  We plan on taking the train in and avoid all the craziness of NYC by going straight to the place.  It is $45 through KGB Deals (like Groupon) --

It includes a 6 hour open bar!

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